Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Number of Random Things About Random Ol' Me

In which I re-post some meme thing I wrote on Facebook because I am pathetic and have no life.


Someone said the original number of things you're supposed to write was 16. Then it became 25. I'm just going to use a random number... say, 30.

And yes, you're supposed to write your own note and tag the same number of people as there are points in your note.


My Random Number of Random Things About Random Ol' Me

1. This almost turned into a hate list until I decided to revise it. Still, there's a lot of hate in it. You have been warned.

2. In some ways, I'm ridiculously anal-retentive. Ideally, my DVDs, CDs and books would be divided into categories and alphabetized. (In reality, laziness has prevented me from doing so after I moved house) I sort my clothes into different categories and they're arranged according to color.

3. My biggest pet peeve with bad English is using the word "stuffs" as a noun. Eg. "Eh, where's my stuffs?" For the last time: Stuff is uncountable! There's no such thing as "your stuffs!" Stop it before someone STUFFS you into a duffel bag and throws you off a pier.

4. I have a thing about not wanting to read/watch/do what everyone else is reading/watching/doing. This leads to me not reading/watching/doing something until everyone else has already read/watched/done it. For instance, I only saw The O.C. this year, and I suspect I will not read the Twilight books for several years yet (if at all - I hear they're pretty dire). Hell, I haven't even read most of the Harry Potters.

5. As a kid, I took part in an art competition and had my picture displayed outside the then under-construction Bugis Junction for a couple of years. Now I think that picture looks pretty fucking ugly.

6. I like to use the word "fuck" and its derivatives a lot. After all, as a magnet at my workdesk says, "Everything's funnier with the word 'fuck' in it".

7. I like to get people to autograph stuff. Well, people that I like anyway. And it's stuff related to them, not random crap like a piece of tissue paper. My most prized autographed stuff include a CD signed by Jacky Cheung (one of the best presents ever), a CD signed by Eason Chan and assorted books, comics and even a statue signed by Neil Gaiman.

8. Neil Gaiman is my all-time favorite writer. Which explains why I have so much stuff signed by him. Also, he makes a lot of public appearances and is really friendly about signing stuff, which helps.

9. My fittest period was, ironically, just after my National Service (as opposed to during it, unlike most guys). Probably because I was so bored while clearing my leave and waiting to go to college, I had nothing better to do than work out for months on end.

10. I detest the whole notion of Traditional Asian Moral Values, because it's inherently hypocritical as fuck. If we were so bent on upholding these "values", women would still have to bind their feet, we'd still have a caste system, and everyone would be disemboweling themselves at every mistake they make. And hey, they also had brothels and homosexuality in ancient Asia, so what the hell are we being so fucking uptight for?

11. I watch and own erotica. Deal with it. So do a lot of people, only they're too hypocritical to admit it, and even more hypocritically, tsk-tsk the rest.

12. I am seriously accident-prone and injury-prone.

13. I will probably migrate, because I hate the Singapore government for treating people that don't want to get married before 25/become a cog in the machine/have 2.5 kids/etc etc etc like second class citizens. I hate them for not giving a flying fuck about me just because I don't fit their notion of an Ideal Citizen.

14. As a 12 year-old, my idol was Chew Chor Meng. Hey, stop sniggering. He won Star Search at the time, and was damn cool in that channel 8 water polo drama, OK?

15. Sometimes I cry at the movies. But not at what you might think. Put it this way, the more you're trying to make me cry (eg. tearjerkers like Jack Neo movies), the more likely I'll laugh at how bad you are. The more you're just trying to tell a good story and making me empathize, the more likely you'll move me. Some examples include Wall-E, Rachel Getting Married, My Magic, Boy A, The Dark Knight, The Orphanage, Gone Baby Gone, Away From Her, 3:10 to Yuma, Dan in Real Life - just some examples from the last 2 years.

16. I'm an atheist, but I have people who I think are Gods. These include Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan, Neil Gaiman and in recent years, Clint Eastwood.

17. I think there is great truth in the line often said by Evil Masterminds in cartoons: "If you want something done right, do it yourself".

18. My favorite superhero is Batman, because he has no powers beyond what a human being could realistically have. I've loved Batman since I was 11 (?) and read my first Batman comic. Watching Batman Begins, I was moved to tears when Batman swooped down over the slums of the city near the end - yes, I am such a fanboy. As a result of my love, my shelves are lined with Batman statues.

19. I credit Sesame Street and all the cartoons I watched during my formative years with my English language development. See, TV can be good for you!

20. I started smoking when I was 21 (late bloomer, I know), and I've told myself I'll stop smoking when I'm 30. Stop, not quit, because I don't like the word "quit". However, now that 30 is drawing nearer, I might change my mind.

21. It gives me great satisfaction to buy things. Which is really bad for my finances.

22. I discovered that I have the ability to eat almost anything, which comes in very useful in wedding "sabo" sessions. Still, I avoid some foods because I don't like how they taste.

23. I am a Hoarder and Collector. Among the various things I've collected (and often stopped collecting) over the years are: stickers, postage stamps, key rings, erasers, toys, magazines, comic books, etc. Things that I still collect are: DVDs (90% of which I haven't watched), CDs, books (although I've gotten rid of many of my childhood ones like Hardy Boys), shot glasses, compiled editions of comic books, etc.

24. As a kid, I used to be obsessed with the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Although, I must shamefully admit, I cheated all the time by marking where I was and skipping around to see which option was the best. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

25. I used to play the piano, play the violin, and draw a lot. Now I no longer do any of those things. Sometimes it makes me a little sad.

26. One day I want to write or direct (or both) a movie that will be shown around the world. Oh, and win an Oscar. Even though they're bullshit, they're so shiny!

27. I've destroyed way too many clothes/bags/shoes by dumping them in the washing machine. I still do it though, because I'm lazy.

28. I wish I could speak better Teochew so I can at least hold a conversation with my 96 year-old grandma.

29. My oldest article of clothing was bought when I was 12 years old. That makes it... 17 years old. It still fits (because baggy clothes were in at the time).

30. I take perverse pleasure in crushing cockroaches.

Did you know the maximum number of people you can tag is 30? How appropriate!