Monday, December 08, 2008

10 Lessons

10 lessons learnt from this year's Standard Chartered Half Marathon:

1. It is pure hubris to think that I could actually improve upon last year's result when I hadn't run at all in the year in-between. (This year's: 3:29:25; last year's: 3:18:25)

2. It is also extremely inadvisable to do the run, based upon the total distance run in the year in-between: 0 km.

3. The lack of regular running results in knees locking at around the 7km mark.

4. Band-aids are a great way to prevent damage in the nippular region.

5. Tights are also a good way to minimize abrasive injury.

6. The whole point of tights is that they're tight. So they should be pulled up until they're tight. Looking like an idiot is preferable to pain.

7. Apparently when I run and when I walk briskly, I still do about the same pace. So what's the point of running, right?

8. Carbo-loading does not mean stuffing yourself until you're so full the night before that when you set off on the run, you feel like you're pregnant.

9. Running for a shorter distance this time means less pain. Yay.

10. When walking, I am capable of overtaking lots of people who look fitter than me.

Look, here I am walking, and not giving a shit, even at the finish line (left)

And a final note: If the construction continues in the area, I shan't sign up next year. Not only was the constantly U-turning route annoying as all hell, the construction activity also resulted in lots of fumes - bad for runners (this coming from a smoker).


At 6:29 PM, December 12, 2008, Blogger Angeline said...

it just hit me the person with the white cap behind you is yours truly. *faints*


well, we did bump into each other upon completing the race. Just didn't know how close we really were prior :)

At 1:17 AM, December 13, 2008, Blogger cinewhore said...

Oh my! So it is.


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