Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Nice Is All I Want

This holiday season, I spent over $200 on beer, wine, liquor and drinks for my cousin's potluck thingy. While I was out getting said fluids, somewhere in Singapore, a melodrama was playing out, straight from the (oft-recycled) scripts of Channel 8 soap operas.

Cast: The Philandering Husband, the Wronged Wife, their Sons, her Brother-In-Law, her Sister, the Other Woman, Her Son, the Police, Various Neighbors.

Seriously, I think this is the worst influence bad soap operas can have on people, when they feel compelled to live their life like it's a TV show and create a huge scene just because that's the way these stories always build up to, and to repeat old, tired lines that have been recycled over and over again by hack writers.

Anyhow, we'll see how that plays out. There are solutions that are entirely logical and would be the best way out for all involved. Unfortunately to the above-mentioned people who live their lives like it was one big soap opera, logic doesn't enter their thought processes too often. They're more concerned with whether or not they sound dramatic enough.

So this was earlier on. Then on the 24th only two people showed up at the party who were my friends - I wasn't entirely surprised, given that my SMSes were pretty last minute. I was tired, but was forced to watch The Crow on DVD. That movie has some of the most ridiculous dialogue I've ever heard, and some truly atrocious bad acting.

Moving on, Christmas Day, even though I don't "do" Christmas, was good. I spent time with people I liked, jogged for the first time in almost 2 years (all the way to my workplace and back), saw the entire first season of Extras and generally had a pleasant time. Today involved much sleeping in, lazing around in bed, A Clockwork Orange on DVD and The Holiday (overlong and bo-ring) in theatres. Honestly, I don't mind spending all my Christmases like that. It felt... nice.

And sometimes, nice is all I want. Nice is all I need. Thank you for a nice time.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Image Overhaul

Hear ye, hear ye. For some unidentifiable reason the Cinewhore has undergone an image overhaul. Henceforth, do not be alarmed if you see the new him. To refresh your memories, this is "Before":

More Beer

And these are "After":

Blonde Clear

Blonde Toplight

Blonde Toplight 2

I still think I take better pictures than any of those fucking makeover studios.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm Such a Whore

I hated myself in the interview today, because I realized that while my conversational Mandarin is decent enough, when technical terms in terms of writing and production get thrown around, I have to search like crazy for the right word in my rusty Chinese vocabulary compartment.

And to think I told my mom to turn her TV on when she was still asleep. She'll probably want to slap me for this.

On the whorish note, I'm going to start up my reviews again, mainly because I could win like 6 months' worth of free movies. So stay tuned. The Windows Live Space I'm starting up is just gonna be a cut-and-pasted affair consisting only of movie reviews, so you should still surf back here for other non-movie-related writings. Of which there are precious few, if memory serves me correctly.

But right now, I'm far too tired. It's been a long shoot today, with the weather humid as hell and the crew slow-moving and unco-operative.

Seeya soon.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Chinese Again?

Tomorrow morning I get interviewed on TV.

In Chinese.

Fuckin' hell.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

第一個中文 Post

這個 blog 開張了這麼久,還是頭一回用中文 post 呢。這麼多年了,也許我中文寫作的 skill (本來就不是很好) 大部份都還給老師了。但沒辦法,今天的心情不是 angmoh-派的。

I apologize to my readers who don't understand Chinese. It's just that my thoughts sound more authentic in Chinese today. I'll try to be back with a normal post soon.

剛看完周華健的演唱會。他常來辦,但我還是頭一回去。當然是有某方面的 preconceptions, 因為也看過一些他演唱會的片段。例如,我知道這一定會是個有誠意的演出。我也有預感,這將是個懷舊的夜晚。


從《心的方向》開始,熟悉的歌曲一首接一首。20 年了,這 20 年的記憶還真不少。今晚,就像翻開舊相簿一樣,有很溫馨的感覺。我不顧身邊靜靜的 uncle auntie, 開口和華健一起唱著,大聲唱著。唱的是我的過去,我的回憶,我的成長過程。


聽著《有故事的人》,我不禁發覺眼眶竟濕了,自己也不知為何。《愛相隨》是一首我曾經聽到厭倦的歌,因為當時實在是 overplayed。但現在一聽到前奏,又很奇怪的湧起深深的感動。